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Before diving head first within the lifeguard certification path, let’s take a examine the job description of a lifeguard and review a few of the different variations that may be out there that you should understand Lifeguard training near me.

The particular job description of a lifeguard varies based on the environment that is being observed, but the normal description can be explained as: showing the safety of others that are occupying an area of water and the area directly surrounding or close to said region.

These types of areas could be a pool area, water park locations and areas or the shore alongside an sea or any other body of water like a clean, or lake. The concern is to ensure that the people which the lifeguard accounts for will not enter into any damaging scenarios that happen to be prevented, of course.

Basic Duties and Responsibilities

Keeps continuous monitoring of men and women in the facility; acts immediately and appropriately to secure safety of customers in the eventuality of emergency
Provides emergency care and treatment as needed up until the arrival of emergency medical services
Presents professional appearance and attitude at all times, and keeps a high standard of customer care
Performs a number of maintenance obligations as directed to maintain a clean and secure facility
Prepares and maintains effective activity reports
Executes various job-related duties as issued
What you Need to know Before you begin Lifeguard Training

Regardless of what you might have seen on television, the responsibilities and functions of a professional lifeguard are crucial. Sure, they might work in a calming environment as far as it even compares to the standard day job restricted inside of a cubicle, but lifeguards are truly chargeable for the security and well being of each individual who visits their location. Here are a few major areas where lifeguards need to be very well knowledgeable and strict on to become a professional lifeguard.

Possess the capacity to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations
To the majority of, time in the pool or relaxing in the sea may be a time to rid yourself of the stress and have some serious fun. On the other hand, if not respected, water could become an extremely danger enemy in squashing that fun very quickly. In some cases, issues may occur which could turn a family outing to the lake into a nightmare and if the lifeguard available cannot stay calm in emergency situations, lives may be endangered.

Possess skill in use of lifeguard monitoring and rescue techniques
Whether or not the public pool that is being administered by a lifeguard just has two or three people in it, the situation can alter in a heart rhythm. There’s really next to nothing stopping anyone from suffering from an urgent situation situation at any stage, whether it be due to running on the pool deck and taking a slip in a puddle, or someone being affected by a cramp whilst in the water. Frequent monitoring is very important for the professional lifeguard and whenever the time comes, proper and effective rescue methods must be available at any time.

Possess an capacity to pass a pre-employment physical knowledge analysis where needed
The duty of being able to save lives consists of many challenges, including requiring the ability to not only negotiate challenging waters or other scenarios while available, but also to physically be able to support and/or manage pulling others to safety. During water emergency scenarios, it’s not uncommon for folks to lose their own sense of balance or sense of direction — when this occurs, they might start to panic and start wailing about, triggering chaos for the lifeguard accommodating rescue them. It is important that the professional lifeguard have enough strength and physical skill to handle these kinds of situations without causing harm to themselves or the people the are chargeable for.

Possess the capacity to arrange routine admin paperwork
Yes, although the ‘office’ would seem to be out in the sun or the exotic shorelines, the professional lifeguard still cannot get away paperwork. Much like that of a security guard, one of the many obligations in the job description of a lifeguard is to observe and report. Typically there are conditions that need to be taken care of by the admin staff and therefore doing the proper paperwork is essential. Furthermore, when issues have been introduced where the lifeguard has been involved whether it be a rescue or an offense, it is very important to be able to provide details and fill practical paperwork.

Possess the familiarity with CPR and emergency medical techniques
Injuries are susceptible to occur while available as a lifeguard and a number of these accidents might have to have the information of effective applying of first-aid. If during a rescue process, a victim ingests too much water, the professional lifeguard should be certified and well advised concerning how to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) if the time comes. Normally, there are no actual emergency providers or staff in the immediate area, and once disaster attacks, it is primarily the duty of the lifeguard to take action and seek to manage a possible drowning just before emergency staff or paramedics arrive on scene.

Possess a capability to adhere to routine spoken and written directions
Simply because the professional lifeguard is often the only staff member on location, doesn’t mean there is not the direction of higher authority. There might be upcoming events, or weather advisories that can be passed to personnel that needs instruction which might not be entirely standard. The ability to take such instruction and adjust where required to support the overall mission and goal of the lifeguard service is imperative to the protection of others and also to themselves.

Possess the familiarity with customer service standards and procedures
Finally, at the end of the day, the professional lifeguard should be a buyer service agent as the primary goal. There are rules and regulations which must be forced, but we also want to ensure that the people spending the time at our costly and shorelines are enjoying themselves and feel welcome. A smile and thank you go a long way in making that special outing very much better for people so remember that you are earning a living for the same people that you are protecting.

By Ibrahim